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Strain: Indica
THC Level: 23.00%
Parents: Blackberry x Diamond OG
Flavour: Berry, Dank, and Earthy.

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Black Diamond is a hybrid strain with predominantly indica genetics, resulting from the crossbreeding of Blackberry and Diamond OG, which is a hybrid derived from OG Kush. This strain offers a potent and sedative high while maintaining mental clarity, making it ideal for concentration and social interaction. In addition to its psychoactive effects, Black Diamond boasts vibrant multi-colored flowers and a robust aroma.

Aroma and Flavour:

When properly cured, Black Diamond emanates a rich berry aroma inherited from its parent strain Blackberry, complemented by subtle dank and earthy undertones. Upon breaking up the buds, a nutty, toasted scent is released. When smoked, Black Diamond delivers a smooth experience with hints of oak and berries on the exhale.


Black Diamond’s effects are characterized by swift onset with a sense of heaviness in the body and limbs, inducing relaxation and deep breathing. It also presents subtle mental effects that enhance sensory perception and can lead to heightened auditory experiences. This strain may evoke giggly euphoria while maintaining a strong body stone that discourages physical activity. Due to its sedative nature, Black Diamond is best enjoyed in the evening or before bedtime for maximum relaxation.

Medical Use:

Medical cannabis patients may find various benefits in using Black Diamond to alleviate pain associated with injuries or chronic conditions such as arthritis or lupus. Additionally, its mellow euphoria can help ease symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, while also aiding in promoting restful sleep without causing racing thoughts or paranoia.

From Staff:

With its sociable nature and relaxing properties, Black Diamond is an excellent choice for enhancing social gatherings or enjoying quality solo time—making it an ideal companion for unwinding after outdoor activities like skiing or creating an inviting atmosphere for group settings.

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