Black Jack – AA

Strain: 70% Indica 30% Sativa
THC Level: 21%
Parents: Black Domina x Jack Horror
Flavour: Wood, Pine, Tobacco

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The Black Jack strain is a result of the cross between two well-known parent strains, creating two distinct variations. One was developed by Sweet Seeds, blending the indica-dominant Black Domina with the balanced Jack Herer. The other variation, created by Nirvana Seeds, combines Black Domina and Jock Horror to produce its own take on Jack Herer.

Aroma and Flavour
Both variations of Black Jack exude a woody and piney aroma, with Sweet Seeds’ version also carrying hints of floral grapefruit, musk, and tobacco. Nirvana’s variation may also have a touch of berry in its scent. The smoke from both strains is described as heavy but smooth to inhale, offering a sweet and slightly creamy or malted taste on exhale.

Black Jack delivers a potent high with relaxing bodily effects that can alleviate chronic pain and aid in insomnia relief. While not immobilizing, it may induce physical relaxation without leading to couchlock. Nirvana’s variation is known for its more psychedelic mental effects, often causing visual distortions, time dilation, and heightened senses. Due to its potential for couchlock and disorienting effects, it is recommended for evening or nighttime use as a social lubricant or sleep aid. Both variations offer an extended high lasting 3 to 4 hours depending on dosage.

From Staff
Both variations of Black Jack are distinguished by their boldness and long-lasting high. Built on well-established strains with striking scents and flavors, they provide an economical benefit due to their prolonged effects. Whether seeking an energizing mood lift or a relaxing unwind at the end of the day, Black Jack offers something for every user.

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