Blonde Lebanese Hash







Each container includes 1 gram of premium import blonde Lebanese hash
Form: Soft
THC Level: Very high

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History of Lebanese Hash
The origins of 
cannabis cultivation in Lebanon
date back several centuries ago, being a major trading good already in Ottoman times. Indeed, the Ottoman Empire was in constant need of cannabis fibre to supply its Navy, thus developing a huge hemp industry throughout its territories. Traditionally, cannabis
has been grown in Lebanon in different areas, although it is doubtless that the 
Beqaa Valley
is the one that stands out for both the quality and quantity of its product.
Lebanon is considered one of the most important 
hashish-producing countries
in history (actually, most of the hashish found in the USA and Canada in the 1970s and 1980s came from Lebanon).
But this is nothing new; since the end of WWI (1918), several countries in the Middle East drastically reduced cannabis/hashish production, which left Lebanon as the major producer of this area. Even during the ban in the decade of 1920 (and a second ban from the UN in 1946), Lebanon remained as the top hashish producer in the Middle East. It was not until the decade of 1990 when production decreased, just to increase again a few years later.
Lebanese hashish 
is well known worldwide; no matter where you go, there’s always someone who has heard about or even tried “Red Lebanese” or ‘Blonde Lebanese” hash. Indeed,
the quality
of Lebanon’s dry-sieved resin
is legendary,
being considered one
the best

the world and,

along with Afghanistan,


the oldest hashish-producing areas

in history,

especially if we talk about dry-sieving.
It is not strange that it soon became a mandatory stop for


the Hippy Hashish Trail back




and early 70s!

About Blonde Lebanese Hash
You know that feeling when you’re in

mood for

a little something to take

edge off?
Lebanese blonde hash is a potent hash that offers many health benefits.

THC levels are higher than most other hashes on market.

It provides users with an overall sense


but can also create euphoria feelings and paranoia for some people.

Lebanese blonde hash has more powerful effects on mind compared to other types because Lebanese blondes contain high concentrations tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which acts like opium when smoked by acting on certain receptors brain cells releasing dopamine into areas associated emotions such as pleasure,

memory reward,

motivation movement control – this process may be why smoking Blonde hash makes you hungry!
Lebanese Hash is an all-natural organic product with no additives.

It has been aged over one or two whole seasons (

4-8 months)
and will have rich flavor aroma.

We offer AAAA quality

hash sourced directly from small-batch growers out Beqaa Valley,

Lebanon’s heart agriculture.
This updated picture new block please note it will get slightly darker once broken up sits due oxidation.

How make Blond Lebanese Hash
Harder types resin – mostly from Morocco and Lebanon are made by sifting mature cannabis flowers through series sieves until only resinous powder remains.

This powder compressed heated allow resins melt stick together forming blocks.
The resin then compressed into blocks sealed cellophane cloth.

The result hard brittle hash usually light yellow brown sometimes even reddish brown.

Generally really hard yellow stuff which cerebral old Lebanese on whole slightly darker brown usually Moroccan.

Apparently new Lebanese often also malleable.

The method used Southern Asia involves rubbing living flowers cannabis plants hands leather apron implements.

The aim get soft sticky resins stick surface taken somewhere processed collated.

These then scraped off skin leather rolled lumps various sizes compressed into blocks.

The color usually dark-brown black surface lighter interior – air contact makes this go darker color.

Consistency normally soft lump can usually molded into various shapes sausages.

How smoke hashIf never smoked hash may bit confused about how use it. However there’s no need get confused.

Kamikazi here help!

While it can be used dab doing so not recommended.Below some great ways Canadian residents enjoy premium products Kamikazi:
Roll your snakes.Wrap them around joint blunt.Add top mix flower pipe.Consume itself screen water pipe.Vape Some vaporizers specifically designed similar concentrates.Others handle both dried herb Additionally will make cleaning easier.Finally applying lower temperature will often give richer taste.Some people like start low end higher temperature setting.Play around see what works best Most importantly smoking all personal preference.

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