Cake Crasher

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What do you get when you combine the two immensely popular strains of Wedding Cake with Wedding Crasher? You getCake Crasher!This hybrid strain will have you craving for seconds with its hazy effects and irresistibly fruity taste.

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Cake Crasher Strain Information

Cake Crasher is the perfect party strain to get the party started. Bred by crossing Wedding Cake and Wedding Crasher, this hybrid strain is a must-have for any occasion. Not only does it taste amazing, but its effects are just as potent. With its hazy effects and irresistibly fruity taste, this Craft Cannabis strain is a must-have for any event!


Cake Crasher has a juicy aroma that’s also gassy and pungent. Fruity and earthy with sweet undertones, this cake-like flavour quickly gives way to more gassy, diesel-like notes.


You’ll taste the sweetness almost right away, Cake Crasher has a very fruity taste that is complemented with subtle notes of diesel in the inhale. On the exhale, users will be able to taste flavours of tangy Limonene, gassy Caryophyllene and floral Linalool. The gassy flavours provide a great contrast to the overall terpene profile.


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Cake Crasher

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