Cali Bubba

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Cali Bubba has creamy, slightly sweet coffee-kissed aroma with a herby edge. However, when it’s ground up, the coffee/chocolate comes out a lot more, as does the musky, herby, hashy banknote which recalls the Cali Bubba Kush’s deeply Afghani/Pakistani origins.Cali Bubba has creamy, slightly sweet coffee-kissed aroma with a herby edge.

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Cali Bubba Strain Information

Introducing Cali Bubba, an exceptional strain of cannabis that will take you on a journey to the golden coast of California with its delightful aroma and deeply relaxing effects. It is the result of crossing the legendary Bubba Kush with the cherished California strain, creating an exquisite blend of the two beloved strains. 


Cali Bubba has a creamy, slightly sweet coffee-kissed aroma with a herby hint. When it is ground up, the coffee/chocolate tones come out more strongly, accompanied by a musky, herby, hashy scent that is reminiscent of its Afghani/Pakistani origins.


The flavour is mostly musky and hashy, with a lingering note of coffee. Its smoke is moderately thick and moderately expansive, neither sending you into coughing fits or hitting the throat without impact.


The effects of Cali Bubba take a few minutes to really kick in. Predominantly Indica in nature, it provides a warming body sensation and pulsing waves throughout the lower extremities, arms, and torso. It slows down mental activity, creating an overall feeling of ease and contentment that is very smooth in nature. The eyes get slightly heavy at times (even early on), but the effect never really becomes a “day wrecker” to the point where it makes the user fall asleep or clouds their mind. Cali Bubba helps with both mental and physical relaxation, specifically muscles, but it does so without clouding the mind. It also aids with minor pain relief, appetite stimulation, and has definite anti-anxiety properties.


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Cali Bubba

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