Do Si Dos

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Do Si Dos is easily a winning strain in the weed world with an exotic appearance, unique taste, and sweet smelling fragrance.

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Do Si Dos Strain Information

Do Si Dos is a dank hybrid strain created by combining the acclaimed Girl Scout Cookies and Face Off OG. This 70/30 Indica-dominant strain packs a punch with its 30% THC concentration, and its high-quality characteristics have made it a favourite amongst cannabis connoisseurs. Derived from square dancing, Do Si Dos refers to when dancers swing their partners from one dancer to another – just like how this potent strain will have your brain swinging!


Do Si Dos has an alluring aroma with its mix of pungent, earthy, sweet and floral notes, with a subtle minty scent. Some plants may have more of a dank and earthy undertone, while flowers of this strain have an overpowering sweet aroma that smells somewhat fermented.


This strain has an OG Kush flavor that will be sure to please. It has a smooth inhale, with a floral-fruity flavor on the exhale. Enjoy the deliciousness of this strain with every puff!


Do Si Dos has a dense structure, with an open, spiky cone and calyxes that range in color from forest green to vibrant orange. In some plants, you may even find purple and lime green tones. Truly, this is a stunning strain!

Do Si Dos Strain Effects

Though Do Si Dos is known for its potency, the high you get from it is calming, not overly sedative. Its high THC concentration makes this strain ideal for medical benefits such as relieving stress, insomnia, depression, pain, anxiety, and nausea. The Indica nature will relax your body while the Sativa blend will give you a euphoric high – just one whiff of this strain will set the mood for a psychoactive experience.



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Do Si Dos is a must-try strain with its exotic appearance,


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Do Si Dos

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