Dosi Pop – AAA+

Strain: Indica
THC Level: 28%
Parents: Do Si Dos x Triangle Kush
Aroma: Gas | Earth | Sweet
Flavour: Earthy | Wood | Sweet

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Dosi Pop is an indica-dominant strain resulting from the crossbreeding of Do Si Dos and Triangle Kush. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Silver Edition features organically grown flowers that represent the pinnacle of their genetic potential. Grown in small batches to ensure uncompromising quality, these strains are cultivated in living soil and adhere to the highest standards of care throughout every stage of growth and curing.

Skookum Cannabis is proudly nurtured by a collective of highly experienced farmers in Beautiful British Columbia, where organic cultivation practices in living soil yield exceptional craft cannabis. Following a carefully controlled drying process, our buds undergo a minimum 14-day cold curing period in large capacity sanitized glass jars, resulting in deeply aromatic profiles that epitomize each strain’s unique characteristics. In honoring the land, air, sea, and the first nations of our west coast, we take great pride in offering you the fruits of our labor—Skookum Cannabis.

Aroma and Flavour
Derived from strong lineage parents, Dosi Pop offers robust aromatics characterized by gassy notes intertwined with earthy undertones and a touch of sweet nutmeg that lingers throughout consumption.

Upon consumption, Dosi Pop delivers a warm body high accompanied by profound relaxation. Its sedative properties may induce heavy eyelids and promote deep sleep.

Medical Use
Renowned for its effectiveness in addressing chronic pain, PTSD, anxiety, appetite issues as well as insomnia.

From Staff
Dosi Pop’s frosty appearance can easily be mistaken for moonrocks—a testament to its rarity and exotic allure.

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