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El Jefe is a powerhouse indica created by Rare Dankness Seeds as a cross between Abusive OG and their own signature strain, Rare Dankness #1. The relaxing, full-bodied effects, paired along with the highly sought-after earthy and strong gas aroma have made El Jefe a true boss and a strain to be reckoned with.

LINEAGE Abusive OG x Rare Dankness #1
EFFECTS Euphoric, Relaxed, Uplifted, Hungry, Giggly & Sedated
TERPENE PROFILE Gas, Pine, Diesel, Woody & Citrus
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El Jefe

Introducing El Jefe, the cannabis strain that really is the big don of the marijuana world. This indica-dominant hybrid is created by crossing Abusive OG and Rare Dankness #1 from Rare Dankness Seeds. It may sound intimidating, but El Jefe provides powerful effects in a soothing and blissful manner, and it tastes just as good as it looks. Aromatic notes of hash spice, kush earthiness, and sweet and spicy citrus dominate the nose, while a fresh gas and pine flavour reveals itself on the exhale. Not to mention, it has a high THC content of 22%-25%.

Effects of El Jefe

Smoking El Jefe will bring you to a state of peace and calmness. It’s sedative, but not so much that it will knock you right out. Instead, it relaxes the mind and body, providing much-needed relief from stress, anxiety, depression, and physical pain. Enjoy the numbing body buzz and let El Jefe take you to a place of pure bliss.

THC Content

El Jefe boasts a high THC content of 22%-25%, which is likely due to its indica-dominant hybrid lineage. Its parent Abusive OG, a descendant of OG Kush, has a THC average of 13%-18%. Rare Dankness #1, a combination of Chemdawg, Ghost OG, and Triangle Kush, has a slightly higher THC count at 22%. If you want to take your El Jefe experience to the next level, try the El Jefe Shatter by Faded Extracts.

Appearance & Aroma

El Jefe’s buds are large and dense with shades of dark forest greens. Bright orange, hair-like pistils and a sticky white coating of trichomes

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