FLO Shatter Pod – 1ML

Brand: FLO
Dosage: 1 ML (1000mg) Shatter

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About FLO Distillate Pods
This FLO Pod features a cannabis hybrid strain, notably the ever-popular Mango Kush. Hybrids’ effects are often a combination of mental and physical, making it ideal for evening use. The pod employs innovative vapour technology to enhance the performance of standard 510 pens, ensuring an optimal vaporizing experience.

Aroma and Flavour
Mango Kush offers a tropical fragrance with hints of banana and earthy undertones. Its taste is reminiscent of sweet mango and banana with a distinctive Kush flavor, accompanied by earthy and woody notes.

Mango Kush delivers immediate euphoria and a strong body stone, while also promoting openness and talkativeness. It’s known for inducing ‘the giggles’ in some users and may last for one to two hours. Additionally, it can help alleviate nausea, induce appetite, relieve insomnia, ease headache and migraine, reduce inflammation, treat stress and anxiety.

Medical Use
This strain is recommended for addressing chronic aches and pains as well as insomnia. It may also provide relief from headaches/migraines, inflammation, stress, anxiety.

From Staff
Mango Kush is uplifting and helps provide stress relief by creating a sense of happiness.
Mango Kush offers both recreational enjoyment through its initial buzz and uplifting effects as well as medicinal benefits for conditions such as depression, stress pain management ,and insomnia.

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