Gary Payton

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Named after the NBA Hall of Fame player, Gary Payton is a slightly sativa-leaning hybrid that’s here to bring some serious game.

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Gary Payton Strain Information

The Gary Payton strain is the perfect mix of NBA Hall of Fame player and two cannabis giants – Cookies and Powerzzz Generation. Named after the five-time NBA championship winner and two-time League MVP, this slightly sativa-leaning hybrid is here to bring some serious game. With an aroma of earthy, piney berry notes and a flavor profile of GSC with an overall earthy, cookie dough flavor and a berry aftertaste, Gary Payton boasts large, dense buds with a deep olive-green hue and fiery red pistils, blanketed in a layer of tiny white trichomes.

Gary Payton Strain Effects

The Gary Payton strain provides a balanced high that offers both cerebral and physical effects. On the mental side, you can expect an increase in energy levels, focus, and giggles. The physical effects provide mild relaxation, perfect for unwinding and loosening up after a long day. With a celebrity namesake like Gary Payton, the strain is one of the most popular and can be found at most dispensaries, although it may come at a slightly higher cost.

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You can easily find the Gary Payton strain online or at any dispensary. But don’t expect it to come cheap, as this is one of the most popular and sought-after strains out there. Be sure to check out the reviews before buying, as the rewards are definitely worth it!


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Gary Payton

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