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Gelato is a strain that will soothe your body and ignite your mind! A happy and euphoric strain, it’s excellent for social occasions. It’s almost trippy, with laidback and mellow effects. Gelato has a way of boosting creativity with body effects that are relaxing without knocking you out.

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Gelato Strain Information

Introducing the Gelato weed strain, a sweet treat created by San Francisco’s Cookie Fam Genetics through a combination of Thin Mint, Girl Scout Cookies and fruity indica Sunset Sherbert. Also referred to as Larry Bird, this nickname is the result of the various phenotypes of Gelato released by Cookie Fam Genetics. One, in particular, is numbered 33, which is how it became associated with Larry Bird.

The Gelato strain offers well-balanced effects that are euphoric yet laidback. Its name alone suggests its rich flavour, and it certainly delivers with a THC concentration of 20-25%.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Gelato buds are on the smaller side, but they are thick and dense. Bright orange pistils standout amongst the forest green leaves, and shades of deep purple accent its visual allure. The buds also have short stalks on the trichomes, giving it a less frosty appearance than other strains.

The aroma of Gelato is pungently sweet with notes of citrus, thanks to its parent strain Sunset Sherbert. The sweetness of the aroma comes from its other parent strain, Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Some users may also detect notes of yeast and dough, as well.

The taste of Gelato is similarly sweet with flavours of sherbet, blueberry and orange. Hints of berry and citrus linger into the aftertaste. The smoke is thick yet deliciously smooth!

The Gelato high hits quickly and results in an altered sense of perception. It’s a feel-good strain that’s great for social settings and group seshes. It also stimulates creativity and induces a relaxing body high that won’t lead to couchlock. Some users may experience sound sensitivity and time dilation.

Gelato Strain Medical Benefits


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