Granny’s Apple Sass

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Granny’s Apple Sass (a.k.a. GAS) is a strain that is very exotic and not a lot of growers can perfect this crop. This is a must try if you can get your hands on it!

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Granny’s Apple Sass Strain Information

Introducing Granny’s Apple Sass (a.k.a. GAS), the unique cannabis hybrid strain created by crossing two well-known strains, Apple Fritter and Creamsicle #4. This strain is a combination of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies (Apple Fritter) and Purple Punch and Cookies n’ Cream (Creamsicle #4). Reap the benefits of both the parents and you will be sure to be flying high with a strong onset of cerebral effects followed by a soothing body high!


Granny’s Apple Sass has an earthy aroma with hints of citrus and spice. It also has Humulene terpenes which contribute to its faint woody scent.


Granny’s Apple Sass has a complex taste that can be hard to pinpoint. When smoked, you’ll get hints of sour apple and citrus. On the exhale, a creamy sweetness lingers on the palate. Some users have also reported tasting subtle notes of spice and fuel.


Granny’s Apple Sass looks like it was plucked right out of an old granny’s garden! The nugs are rather dense and compact, with bright, long orange pistils winding their way through frosty green leaves.

Granny’s Apple Sass Strain Effects

Granny’s Apple Sass is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that starts with a mental boost and then gently turns into a mellow body stone. You’ll experience a sense of euphoria, energy, focus, and relaxation. Be careful not to indulge too much as the high can result in a couchlock!

THC Content

32-36 %

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If you’re looking for a quick mental boost followed by a mellow body stone, then Granny’s


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Granny’s Apple Sass

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