Grape God

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Grape God is undoubtedly a gift from the weed gods! Not only is it beautiful to look at, but its effects are second to none. Kick your stress and pain to the curb and get that rest and relaxation you’ve been craving! Grape God offers all this and more. So, get your hands on some today!

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Grape God Strain Information

If you’ve been looking for the perfect strain to make you say ‘oh my God!’, you’ve found it. Introducing Grape God, an indica-dominant hybrid created by the innovative BC breeders of Next Generation Seed Company. It’s a cross between Grapefruit and High Times Indica Cup winner God Bud, and it’s sure to please with its stunning visual appearance and epic effects. THC levels of Grape God range from 15-25%, so it packs a real punch, but with a lower risk of paranoia.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Grape God has stunning tapered flowers that adhere in single large pieces. Its buds are dense and have tight, curly leaves that are typically a pretty spring green colour, streaked with hues of lavender and violet. A blanket of snow-coloured trichomes covers the buds, making them sticky and difficult to break apart without a weed grinder.

As its triumphant title suggests, Grape God has a distinct and particularly delicious grape aroma. It’s sweet and skunky, with hints of berry and grapefruit, making it smell more like a grape gummy than the fruit itself. It also has an earthy smell that further adds to its complexity.

Flavour-wise, Grape God stands out from its parent, God Bud, with its unique skunkiness and sweet earthy taste. It contains notes of berry and grapefruit that will make you feel refreshed.

The effects of this dank strain are strong and long-lasting. It takes a few minutes (or even a second joint or bowl) to take effect, but once it does you’ll feel uplifted, euphoric and happy. A wave of relaxation will follow, starting in your neck and shoulders and moving out to your limbs. While it’s not as powerfully impairing as some pure indicas, it’s still quite potent, so novice tokers should approach it carefully.


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Grape God

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