Grape Milkshake – AAAA

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid
THC: 27% | CBD: 1%
Parents: Cookies and Cream x Purple Punch F2
Aroma: Sweet | Pungent | Earthy kush | Skunk | Spicy hashish
Flavour: Vanilla ice cream | Sweet grape | Sugary berry

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After extensive experimentation, Symbiotic Genetics has created an exceptional indica-dominant marijuana strain in the form of Grape Milkshake. This feminized seed offering combines the award-winning Cookies and Cream lineage with the sweet and sedating Purple Punch, resulting in a delightful frappe taste that appeals to flavor enthusiasts. With potent THC-dominant effects averaging around 27%, Grape Milkshake delivers a subtle uplifting, euphoric, and focused high, making it suitable for experienced users. Gastown Collective’s reputation as premier cannabis breeders ensures that Grape Milkshake offers exceptional qualities in both effects and taste. Its dominant grape flavor is complemented by notes of wood and skunk.

Aroma and Flavour
Grape Milkshake presents a creamy blend of flavors featuring luxurious vanilla ice cream notes alongside sweet grape and sugary berry flavors. The aroma is equally sweet with underlying earthy kush tones, hints of skunk, and spicy hashish. Caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, and myrcene compounds contribute to its lip-smacking flavor profile while also influencing its psychoactive properties.

Grape Milkshake’s high THC content guarantees an uplifting euphoric state followed by full-bodied relaxation. However, its potency may trigger sensory perception changes or mild auditory and visual hallucinations in low tolerance users due to its very high THC levels ranging from 20-27%. As such, it is best savored during late-night indulgence.

Medical Use
Grape Milkshake’s extract form contains extremely high THCA levels with anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for patients with arthritis or physical injuries. Additionally, its appetite-stimulating effects may aid individuals struggling with anorexia or symptoms of nausea.

From Staff
Depending on dosage and tolerance levels, Grape Milkshake induces relaxation that may lead to feelings of sleepiness as the high subsides. Its comforting effects make it ideal for unwinding with a movie or facilitating easier sleep.

Grape Milkshake strain is available for same-day weed delivery in Toronto or Canada-wide mail order shipping.

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