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Strain: Indica dominant hybrid
THC: 24%
Parents: Bubba Kush x Pink Kush
Aroma: Spicy flowers | Diesel | Earthy herbs
Flavour: Flowery | Spicy | Sweet

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Greasy Pink Bubba, also known as “Greasy Pink,” is a distinctive indica-dominant hybrid strain that boasts a lineage stemming from the renowned Bubba Kush and Pink Kush varieties. With its visually striking appearance and harmonious blend of effects, this strain embodies the essence of classic indicas, making it an enticing choice for those seeking a tranquil and euphoric experience.

**Aroma and Flavor**
Breaking apart the lush buds of Greasy Pink Bubba releases an alluring mix of scents. Aromatic notes of spicy flowers intermingle with pungent diesel and earthy herbs, creating a multi-dimensional olfactory journey. The flavor profile offers a delicate floral essence complemented by the spicy undertones of diesel and a touch of pungency balanced with underlying sweetness.

The effects of Greasy Pink Bubba unfold in distinct stages, beginning with a gentle cerebral uplift that gradually intensifies. This leads to a calming and euphoric sensation that envelops the mind, inducing feelings of tranquility and bliss. As time passes, the high deepens into a sedative state, allowing for easy transition into relaxation.

**Medical Use**
With an average THC content ranging between 22% to 25%, Greasy Pink Bubba is sought after for its potential medical benefits. It has shown promise in managing chronic pain, appetite loss, nausea, mood swings, stress relief, as well as symptoms associated with depression.

From its captivating appearance to its intricate aroma and flavor profile and well-crafted genetic makeup resulting in euphoria leading to sedation make it worth exploring for both recreational indulgence or medicinal use alike.
Greasy pink bubba strain is available at Kamikazi dispensary for same day delivery in Toronto or same-day shipping Canada-wide mail order marijuana service.

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