Great White Shark

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Introducing the Great White Indica Shark strain, a bud that hits quicker than a 40-yard dash by Usain Bolt. With 14-15% THC, a couple of hits from the bong with Great White Shark and your entire body will feel elevated higher than the stars.

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Great White Shark Strain Information

Tired of reaching for the Gravol every time nausea hits? Switch to the natural solution of Great White Shark! This strain is a combination of Super Skunk, Brazilian, and South Indian strains, bred by Green House Seeds. THC levels typically range from 17% to 22%.

Appearance and Flavour

Great White Shark stands out from its murky family tree with its white buds covered in sugary trichomes, with orange and brown hairs hidden underneath. Its flavour is a unique combination of earthy and lemony notes, while the smell is skunky and mildly potent.


Great White Shark will hit you like a bat out of hell, producing tingling sensations in your body that will leave negative emotions behind. It will also bring on a strong body buzz that can be too much for novice smokers. Users will enjoy a euphoric and blissful state as they are rid of depression and anxiety. A powerful appetite can also be expected, which is great for those going through chemotherapy or anorexia. Overall, Great White Shark is a well-balanced strain that can help tackle pain and get you moving again.

Great White Shark Medical Benefits

Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Appetite, Pain


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Great White Shark

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