Hawaiian Cookies

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A 50/50 hybrid that invigorates with its earthy-citrus flavours before providing its users with a relaxing, serene sense of comfort.

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Hawaiian Cookies Strain Information

Experience the ultimate day-time hybrid with Hawaiian Cookies! This 50/50 hybrid is a cross between Hawaiian Snow and Girl Scout Cookies, and is sure to provide a unique and tropical experience. Hawaiian Cookies offers a potent punch with THC levels ranging from 18-21%, so even the most seasoned of smokers will be impressed.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

These sticky buds feature a deep, dark green colour, highlighted by orange pistils and a thick coating of trichomes and resin. On the inhale, you’ll experience a unique blend of tropical fruits, earthy, and berry flavours, with light citrus notes. Hawaiian Cookies provides a unique cerebral, uplifting high that improves focus, productivity, and creativity. As the high begins to recede, you’ll be left with a light sense of relaxation that doesn’t reach couch-lock levels.

Hawaiian Cookies Medical Benefits

Hawaiian Cookies is perfect for medical patients, as its effects can be controlled and not overwhelming. This strain can help remove any anxieties and worries, and can stimulate the appetite. Hawaiian Cookies is also effective in alleviating pains such as sores, chronic pain, and inflammation, as well as headaches.

Add a bowl of Hawaiian Cookies to your weekday morning for a boost of energy, productivity, and motivation without any couch-lock or sedation! Save it for the weekend for a boost in sociality and energy. Whenever you choose to enjoy this sweet Hawaiian Cookies treat, you won’t be disappointed.


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Hawaiian Cookies

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