Honey blonde moroccan hash

Each container includes 1 gram of Honey Blonde Moroccan hash.
Form: Soft
THC Level: Very High
THC testing: 289.18mg (29%)
CBD testing: 1.63mg (0.16%)

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About Honey Blonde Moroccan hash
Honey Blonde Moroccan Hash offers a truly authentic Middle Eastern hashish experience with its smooth texture and versatile smoking options. Crafted in the Mecca of hashish, Morocco, this premium product is renowned for its moderate THC range and balanced effects. Whether rolled into a joint or enjoyed in a pipe, this high-quality hashish delivers a ritualistic slow-burn experience that elevates the cannabis enjoyment to new heights.

How to smoke hash
For those new to smoking hash, there are various ways to enjoy this premium product from Kamikazi. From rolling it into snakes and adding it to joints or blunts, to using it in pipes or water pipes, the versatility of Honey Blonde Moroccan Hash allows for a personalized smoking experience. Additionally, vaping is an option with specific vaporizers designed for concentrates like hashish, ensuring a rich taste and smooth consumption. Experimenting with different temperatures and methods will help users find their preferred way of enjoying this exceptional product.

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