Jamaican Red Gum (Finger) Hash

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* This is true finger hash, should be broken into small pieces not buffed
Each container includes 1 gram of premium Jamaican Red Gum hash
Form: Soft
THC Level: Very High

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**History of Jamaican Hash**

For decades, Jamaica has been renowned for exporting high-grade cannabis and hashes around the world, including a distinctive high-quality hash known as Jamaican Red Gum. This creamy and potent hash gained notoriety for its bright red and orange colors, making it a novelty in the hash world.

**How it’s made**

*The Season*

The name “Red Gum” is self-explanatory, reflecting the hash’s red/orange color and sticky texture resembling gum. In Jamaica’s tropical climate, four outdoor growths occur annually, leading to variations in the cannabis depending on the season. Red Gum is produced only during hot seasons when Jamaican cannabis develops red hairs. Conversely, during cold seasons, only Blue Gum can be made due to the absence of red hairs in the flowers.

*The technique*

Unlike many other regions, Jamaica primarily produces its hash with live plants by rubbing fresh flowers against hands or running through fields with nylon coats. This technique originated from India’s Himalayan mountains where these hashes are known as “Charas.” Rubbing fresh flowers causes sticky THC to adhere to hands along with red hairs and other plant materials that give Red Gum its distinctive color.

**Final Product**

Jamaican Red Gum requires a significant amount of time and effort to produce large quantities, making it an expensive hash. It is described by many cannabis connoisseurs as having a super sweet and piney taste with an earthy aroma. The smooth smoking experience offers enjoyable flavors while providing a balanced body high and head buzz uncommon for imported hash.

**How to smoke hash**

For Canadian residents looking to enjoy premium hash products from Kamikazi:

– Roll your hash into snakes and wrap them around a joint or blunt.
– Add on top of or mix in with flower in your pipe.
– Consume by itself on a screen in a pipe or water pipe.
– Use specific vaporizers designed for hashish or similar concentrates.

Experimenting with temperatures can enhance the smoking experience based on personal preferences.

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Jamaican Red Gum (Finger) Hash

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