This one is for all the dessert lovers out there! Jealousy is a sweet and flavourful hybrid that crosses two classics: Gelato #41 and Sherbet. If you like candy, vanilla and fruity gelato, then this is the one for you.

LINEAGE Sherbert BX1 x Gelato 41
EFFECTS Giggly, Relaxed, Talkative & Uplifted
PHENOTYPE 50/50 hybrid
TERPENE PROFILE Pepper, Earthy, Plum & Sweet
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Introducing Jealousy, the perfect strain for those with a sweet tooth! This hybrid strain is a combination of two beloved dessert-like strains – Gelato 41 and Sherbet! It offers a powerful, yet balanced high that is sure to relax both your mind and body, without making you too sleepy. It is known to uplift moods, bring creativity, energy and motivation, as well as relieve chronic pains and stress. On top of its potent effects, Jealousy also offers delicious flavours of creamy candy and fruity gelato ice cream. With an average THC content of 21-30%, this strain is sure to please those who like hybrids that bring out the best of both indica and sativa effects!


Jealousy’s high is fast-acting and potent, providing users with an instant uplifting and euphoric feeling. It brings creativity, energy, and motivation alongside a body high that is soothing and calming, without the feeling of being sedated. Its balanced, well-rounded effects make it a great choice for those seeking to relax without feeling overly tired or sleepy. Additionally, it can help relieve chronic pain and tension aches such as cramps, nausea, and migraines!

THC Content

Jealousy is a balanced hybrid, though it is often noted as indica-leaning due to its strong effects. Its THC content is tested to average between 21-30%, with its parent strains Sherbert and Gelato 41 bringing in the genetics from the Cookies family. Sherbert is a cross of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and Pink Panties, while Gel

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