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Enjoying Kandyland is like receiving all the benefits of eating candy without any of the calories or sugar crash! Once you taste this strain’s sweet smoke, you’ll feel focused, energetic and mentally stimulated without any physical sedation.

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Kandyland Strain Information

Experience a sweet escape with Kandyland! This tantalizing strain is the result of a delicious hybrid cross between the popular Grand Daddy Purple and the Californian classic Platinum Cookies. With THC levels between 18-25%, Kandyland is the perfect strain for when you want to stay buzzed but not too high.


Kandyland’s aroma is truly unique. This strain offers up a sweet scent that can only be described as sugar-like that will fill your senses with delight!


Kandyland’s flavour is complex and layered. You’ll find notes of earthiness, pungency and spice that are accompanied by a sweet and pleasant finish.


Kandyland’s buds are dense and green, looking almost like candy! Featuring bright orange-red pistils and a generous coating of trichomes, this strain has a sugar-frosted appearance that is truly eye-catching.

Kandyland Strain Effects

Kandyland provides an energizing and stimulating buzz that will keep you feeling focused and engaged. This strain is perfect for social gatherings, parties, and any other situation where you need to stay alert and active. Enjoy the sweet effects of Kandyland without any of the sugar crash!

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Don’t reach for a Snickers, reach for Kandyland! This sweet hybrid strain is perfect for when you need to stay buzzed without being too high. With dense, green candy-like buds, Kandyland offers an earthy, smoky and spicy flavour with a sweet finish. Plus, its stimulating effects will help keep you engaged for hours! Buy Kandyland online today and experience the sweet escape!




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