King Kush – AAA – $90/Oz

Strain: Indica
THC: 20%
Parents: OG Kush x Grape
Aroma: Earthy | Diesel | Sweet fruits
Flavour: Spicy | Grape | Diesel

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King’s Kush is a potent indica-dominant hybrid, a result of crossing OG Kush and Grape strains. This strain is renowned for its intense high, making it ideal for experienced users seeking powerful effects.

Aroma and Flavour
With its distinctive spicy grape flavor and heavy diesel exhale, King’s Kush delivers a unique sensory experience. The earthy diesel aroma blends with sweet fruits, leaving a pungent dank effect that lingers in the air after each toke. The nugs are elongated and minty green with vibrant orange hairs and glistening white crystal trichomes.

King’s Kush starts with a lifted sensation in the head that uplifts mood while soothing negative thoughts. This evolves into a deeply relaxing body high, inducing sedation and promoting long-lasting peaceful sleep.

Medical Use
Boasting an average THC level of 19-27%, King’s Kush is favored by experienced patients seeking relief from cramps, muscle spasms, insomnia, depression, chronic pain, and chronic stress due to its potent effects.

From Staff
The initial effects of King’s Kush include elevated mood followed by a full body melt that may take up to 20 minutes to fully develop. While it can induce feelings of laziness and sedation in some users, others may find it stimulating for the mind or even psychedelic. Some users report experiencing increased energy and creativity rather than feeling couch-locked or sleepy. Common side effects include dry mouth, dry eyes, and occasional dizziness.

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