King Kush

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Long live the King! Powerful and mighty is the high from King Kush. Insomnia and stress are banished from his court, his trusty users finding solace in the euphoria and relaxation that he brings. After all, he’s the king for a reason!

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King Kush Strain Information

Introducing the King Kush strain – the Indica marijuana strain that’ll leave you feeling like royalty! Bred by Green House Seeds, this 90%-10% Indica-Sativa hybrid is the perfect combination of two powerful cannabis heavyweights, OG Kush and Grape Ape. With a THC content ranging from 19-27%, King Kush is not for first-time smokers or those with a low tolerance. Even experienced smokers should be cautious with this strain.


King Kush has a pungent smell that will fill the room as soon as you open the jar. You’ll be hit with the unmistakable aroma of OG Kush with its earthy, diesel-like scent. There’s also a touch of fruity sweetness from the Grape Ape parentage, making for a pleasant and well-rounded smell.


King Kush has a flavor to match its potent smell. It has a spicy grape flavor, owing to its Grape Ape heritage. However, some users report tasting tangy and lavender-like undertones. On the exhale, you’ll get a hint of diesel, which may lead to coughing, so go easy on this one!


King Kush has a royal appearance, with its deep green buds and purple hues. It also has a high trichome coverage with bright orange pistils all over. In other words, this strain is not only pretty, but it’s also incredibly potent.

King Kush Strain Effects

King Kush has a reputation for being one of the heaviest Indica strains around, and for good reason. The effects of this strain take about 15-20 minutes to show up, but once it hits you, it hits you hard. You’ll start to feel a sense of relaxation spreading throughout your body, followed by couchlock and sedation. As your muscles start to loosen, your mind will begin to drift off into a hazy bliss.

Contrastingly, some users report the opposite effect, where instead of feeling sleepy, their minds feel stimulated and even psychedelic. But


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King Kush

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