King Palm Banana Cream wrap – Holds 1.5 grams

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The King Palm Banana Cream Slim Rolls are a delightful twist on traditional pre-rolled cones. These innovative leaf rolls feature a terpene-filled flavor capsule nestled within the corn husk filter tip, ready to release all-natural banana cream flavors with a simple squeeze. Indulge in the sweet, aromatic puffs of these banana-flavored Slim Rolls and savor each tasty hit.

Each package contains two Banana Cream Slim Rolls, each capable of holding up to 1.5 grams of ground herb for a long-lasting and flavorful smoke session. Accompanying your purchase are our signature bamboo packing stick and a hydrating moisture packet, ensuring that your Mini Rolls continue to perform at their best day after day.

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KAMIKAZI 3864 100x100 - King Palm Banana Cream wrap  – Holds 1.5 grams
King Palm Banana Cream wrap – Holds 1.5 grams

Out of stock

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