Kosher Kush

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Enter a state of blissful tranquility and enlightenment with Kosher Kush – the first commercial strain to be blessed by a Rabbi.

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Kosher Kush Strain Information

Kosher Kush is an OG Kush phenotype, meaning a particular physical expression of OG Kush was bred out to create a unique strain. It is believed to have originated in sunny California and is now available as a seed form from DNA Genetics. Kosher Kush got its name from a group of orthodox Jewish growers in LA, and has won many indica cups at popular events such as the High Times Cup.

This strain features THC levels of 18-20%, providing the user with a sense of serenity and mental clarity. Kosher Kush can be identified by its tall stature, typically growing to be higher than 2 meters when fully grown, and its abundance of orange hairs with a coating of shiny white trichomes. Its taste and aroma are both earthy and fruity, providing a pleasant and relaxing experience.

Kosher Kush Effects

Kosher Kush is known to produce an increase in appetite as well as pain relief, relaxation, and sedation. It can be used to relieve stress and anxiety, and has been used to provide relief from cramps, depression, insomnia, sclerosis, neuropathic pain, and symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease.

Kosher Kush Medical Benefits

Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Stress


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Kosher Kush

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