Kush mints – AAAA – $170/Oz

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Strain: Hybrid
THC: 25%
Parents: Bubba Kush x Animal Mints
Aroma: Mint | Coffee | Cookies
Flavour: Mint | Earth | Coffee | Cookies

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Kush Mints, a creation by Seed Junky Genetics, is a tantalizing hybrid strain born from the fusion of Bubba Kush and Animal Mints. When seeking a relaxing and appetite-inducing cannabis experience, look no further than this flavorful bud.

Aroma and Flavour

With an average THC level of 23%, Kush Mints boasts fluffy, deep green nugs adorned with frosty white crystals. Embodying its name, this strain offers a refreshing mint flavor alongside hints of earth, coffee, and cookies. Its aroma mirrors its flavor profile, making it a preferred choice for those with a sweet tooth.


Contrary to its refreshing taste, Kush Mints delivers deeply relaxing effects both mentally and physically. While not overly intoxicating when used in moderation, it can induce a mellow happiness that permeates the entire body. Users commonly report experiencing heightened appetite and recommend having snacks on hand.

Medical Use

Balanced hybrid strains like Kush Mints are sought after by medical users for their blend of cerebral and physical effects. Many find relief from anxiety, depression, physical pain, and nausea with this strain. Additionally, it may assist in promoting sleep for those with low tolerance or when used in larger quantities.

From Staff

Kush Mints shines as an ideal after-dinner strain that mirrors the flavors of dessert while ushering in calming effects perfect for unwinding before bedtime. While suitable for novice smokers under controlled use, it’s best enjoyed by experienced users looking to cap off the day with unmatched mental and physical relaxation.

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Kush mints – AAAA – $170/Oz

Out of stock

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