Lemon Kush – AA – $45/Oz

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Strain: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC: 15% | CBD: 1% | CBN: 1%
Parents: Afghani Kush x Lemon G
Aroma: Earthy | Herbal | Kush | Lemon | Sweet
Flavour: Citrus | Lemon | Spicy | Sweet

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Lemon Kush is a delightful and flavorful strain that boasts an intriguing lineage, resulting in a unique combination of effects. With origins traced back to Alien Genetics and the crossbreeding of Lemon G, Afghan Kush, Master Kush, and Lemon Joy, this strain offers a complex blend of characteristics that make it stand out in the cannabis world.

Aroma and Flavour
The buds of Lemon Kush are distinguished by their nugget-like appearance and dense structure. Their light green color is accentuated by a generous coating of trichomes, making them sticky to the touch. When broken apart, these buds release a sweet lemon scent with hints of earthy musk, creating an inviting aroma that sets the stage for its smooth and tangy citrus flavor profile.

Lemon Kush delivers a slow-building high characterized by enhanced mental focus and creativity. Its cerebral effects are complemented by a subtle body buzz that promotes relaxation without inducing couchlock. This balanced strain is suitable for daytime or nighttime use, offering relief from headaches and anxiety while minimizing the risk of cannabis-induced paranoia or anxiety.

Medical Use
Featuring D-limonene as its dominant terpene responsible for its signature lemon scent, Lemon Kush may offer potential medical benefits such as anti-inflammatory properties. While further research is needed to fully understand its therapeutic potential in humans, it has shown promise in animal studies.

From Staff
Lemon Kush’s versatile effects make it ideal for those seeking both mental clarity and physical relaxation. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with friends in social settings, this strain promises an uplifting experience with its distinct citrus flavor profile.

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Lemon Kush – AA – $45/Oz

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