Medicated Tea Bags 60mg THC (Mary’s Brew)

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Mary’s Brewcarries a delicious line ofMedicated Tea Bagsto suit every taste.Each Order Includes 1 Tea Bag60mg THC / 6mg CBD Per Tea BagAvailablein 9 VarietiesEchinacea TeaEarl Grey TeaGreen TeaFrench VanillaCappuccinoChamomile TeaOriginal TeaChai TeaHot ChocolateLemon Tea

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Medicated Tea Bag 60mgs THC (Mary’s Brew)

Looking for an all-natural way to manage your stress, reduce anxiety, or boost your focus? Mary’s Brew has you covered with their delicious line of Medicated Tea Bags. Eating marijuana edibles has been known to produce a stronger and longer-lasting high than smoking, and provides essential nutrients and calories. Plus, there’s no smoke to worry about damaging your health.

Each blend of Mary’s Java is made with high-quality, natural ingredients, and provides a discreet way to medicate at your own pace with a rich flavor. And as previous patients ourselves, we guarantee that we would never sell anything we wouldn’t use ourselves.

In each order, you’ll get 1 Tea Bag with 60mg of THC and 6mg CBD, available in 9 varieties. Choose from Echinacea Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Green Tea, French Vanilla Cappuccino, Chamomile Tea, Original Tea, Chai Tea, Hot Chocolate, and Lemon Tea. Get back to feeling your best with Mary’s Brew Medicated Tea Bags.

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Marys brew medicated tea bag 100x100 - Medicated Tea Bags 60mg THC (Mary’s Brew)
Medicated Tea Bags 60mg THC (Mary’s Brew)

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