MOTA CBD Fruit Jellies

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Mota CBD Fruit Jellies are a tasty alternative way for those looking to medicate without feeling the psychoactive effects of cannabis. These tasty fruit-flavoured jellies pack quite a punch of CBD – each pack contains a total of 200mg of CBD split between 10 delicious Key Lime and Strawberry flavoured candies. Reap the benefits of CBD and step foot into the future with Mota CBD Fruit Jellies.

DOSAGE Each gummy contains 20mg of CBD. Start with one or two candies and allow half an hour for digestion before eating anymore.
CONTENT 10x Strawberry & Key Lime Jellies

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MOTA CBD Fruit Jellies

Introducing MOTA CBD Fruit Jellies! These tasty, fruit-flavoured jellies are a great way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of CBD without feeling the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Each pack contains a total of 200mg of CBD split between 10 delicious Key Lime and Strawberry flavoured candies. Experience the future of CBD with Mota CBD Fruit Jellies today!

What Are Edibles?

Cannabis infused edibles are becoming increasingly popular, providing a tasty alternative to traditional cannabis consumption. Edibles come in many forms – from baked goods and beverages to candies and chocolates. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without the negative health effects associated with smoking!

Edibles vs Smoking

The primary difference between smoking and consuming cannabis edibles is the way in which the cannabinoids are absorbed into the body. Smoking cannabis provides an almost instantaneous effect, while edibles must be digested and can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to fully kick in. The effects of edibles are also much longer lasting and are associated with a body-focused, sedating couch-lock type of high. Overall, edibles provide a healthier alternative to smoking cannabis and offer a variety of tasty options to choose from.

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MOTA Edibles CBD Fruit Jellies 100x100 - MOTA CBD Fruit Jellies
MOTA CBD Fruit Jellies

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