Nepalese Hash

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Nepalese Hashtakes one step above any other Nepalese regional made hashish. Always known for super high quality sticky black Nepalese hashish. Gets you very high.Select your weight below

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Nepalese Hash

Indulge in the finest quality hashish with Nepalese Hash. This sticky black hashish is renowned for its potency, offering a captivating experience unparalleled by any other. Carefully crafted by generations of artisans, every inch of this hashish is a testament to their expertise. Take your experience to the next level with the unique properties of Nepalese hash.


The concentration of THC in this hashish is remarkable, and its texture is soft and flexible due to manual pressing. With a simple look and touch, even a well-seasoned veteran will be able to tell the potency of this product. Choose your preferred weight and let the wonders of Nepal’s hashish heritage sweep you away.


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Discover the heights that cannabis can take you to with Nepalese Hash. Experience the tradition and sheer excellence of this hashish and select your preferred weight to begin your journey.

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Nepalese Hash

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