Northern Lights

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If you have ever seen the Northern Lights, you would know where this strain gets its name from. An absolute legend in its own right, Northern Lights is famous in the Canna-community for being a ‘two hit and quit’ strain.

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Northern Lights Strain Information

The Northern Lights Strain is a renowned Indica strain that is known for its powerful, relaxing effects and euphoric after-effects. This beautiful strain is a combination of Thai and Afghani Indica genetics, with just 5% Sativa. While the history of this strain is shrouded in mystery, it is believed to have originated from an island near Washington, USA in the 1970s. The discoverer of this strain is also unknown, and is only known by the name “The Indian”.


This strain has an intense, pungent aroma that fills the room with its “dank weed” scent.


The Northern Lights strain has a complex flavor profile, with earthy notes of wood and pine, combined with subtle hints of citrus and candy for a top-shelf taste.


This strain is aptly named after the Northern Lights, as its buds are packed densely and feature purple, olive green, and blue hues. The sugar leaves and pistils are brassy orange and the water leaves are a darker shade of green with blue streaks.

Northern Lights Strain Effects

The effects of the Northern Lights strain are relaxing and euphoric, making it the ideal strain for winding down at night. It induces a feeling of happiness, positivity and vibrancy, and its effects are often likened to a sedative, leaving you feeling well-rested after.


This strain has a THC level of 22-24%.

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If you want to experience ultimate relaxation and euphoria, the Northern Lights strain is the one for you! Get your hands on this potent strain for a feel-good state of mind that will leave your body and mind feeling relaxed and calm.


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Northern Lights

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