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Heal your body and soothe your mind with Pennywise! This indica-dominant hybrid has the makings of one of the best therapeutic strains. Its high CBD content will have your worries, stress, and pain fade away. All while you remain in complete control. Promote your own well-being with Pennywise!

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Pennywise Strain Information

Introducing Pennywise, the strain that will take all your pain and worry away! This high-CBD indica-dominant hybrid is the lovechild of landrace-derived Harlequin and Jack the Ripper strains. Subcool’s The Dank Seeds invented this therapeutic strain. Pennywise buds are mostly indica-like in structure, densely packed with small to medium-sized leaves and bright orange and brown pistils. A high volume of trichomes give the buds a pale white sheen. When cured properly, Pennywise releases a dank, earthy scent with sweet and pepper notes, coffee undertones, and pine notes. Grinding the buds releases a more spicy, hashy aroma. The taste is fruity and lemony. When combusted, Pennywise releases a harsh, thick smoke.


Pennywise provides a gentle cerebral high that uplifts the mood. It also brings on a rush of calm that helps clear the mind and promotes focus. The indica properties of Pennywise take effect later, relaxing the body and leaving the user feeling content. Despite its low THC levels, Pennywise is surprisingly potent and may cause sleepiness when used in late afternoon or nighttime. The strain is incredibly therapeutic due to its 1:1 THC to CBD ratio, making it great for relieving stress, depression, anxiety, pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, arthritis, and insomnia. Novice tokers should be aware that Pennywise may cause dizziness.

Pennywise Medical Benefits

Stress, Depression, Anxiety, Pain, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, Arthritis, Insomnia


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