Pineapple Pancakes – AAAA

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Strain: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC: 27%
Parents: Pineapple Super Silver Haze x Blueberry Pancakes
Aroma: Blueberry | Earthy | Flowery | Fruity | Pineapple | Sour | Spicy
Flavour: Blueberry | Citrus | Fruity | Pineapple | Sour | Sweet | Tropical

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Pineapple Pancakes is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain, created by crossing Pineapple Super Silver Haze with Blueberry Pancakes. This delightful strain promises a tropical flavor profile and an energizing high, making it a favorite among sativa enthusiasts.

Aroma and Flavour
Pineapple Pancakes exudes a sweet and nutty citrusy pineapple scent, accompanied by fresh tropical fruit notes and hints of exotic spices. Its taste is equally delightful, featuring prominent pineapple flavors with undertones of blueberry.

The energizing effects of Pineapple Pancakes make it an ideal choice for a wake-and-bake session. It induces mood boost and euphoria, promoting creativity and focus. These qualities also make it great for social interactions or combating fatigue.

Medical Use
Pineapple Pancakes may offer therapeutic benefits for individuals dealing with depression, chronic stress, anxiety, or chronic pain. Its uplifting effects can promote a positive outlook while providing energy and focus to combat fatigue.

From Staff
Pineapple Pancakes is a tropical wake-and-bake delight that delivers on its promise of mouthwatering flavors combined with energizing and mood-enhancing effects. Whether seeking creative inspiration or relief from mood-related issues, this strain offers an invigorating cannabis experience. Enjoy responsibly and savor the uplifting effects of Pineapple Pancakes.
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Pineapple Pancakes – AAAA

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