Pink Alien OG-Indica

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Pink Alien OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, known for its balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics, offering a woody aroma with hints of exotic spicy pine. This strain induces a euphoric high that gradually transitions into a relaxing body buzz, making it ideal for alleviating stress, anxiety, insomnia, and pain. With its medium height and dense, sticky buds covered in orange hairs and crystals, Pink Alien OG is a popular choice among both novice and experienced smokers alike.

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Pink Alien OG is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, a cross between Alien Dawg and Las Vegas Pink Kush, hailing from California and offered by Bulk Buddy’s curated online mail order marijuana service catering to customers across Canada. This strain boasts a balanced blend of indica and sativa genetics, delivering a woody aroma with earthy undertones reminiscent of damp soil after rainfall, complemented by exotic spicy pine notes and hints of flowery sweetness, ideal for enhancing mood and fostering creativity. Upon consumption, Pink Alien Kush induces a euphoric sensation followed by a gradual transition into a relaxed state of bliss, offering relief for conditions such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, and appetite loss, making it a favorable choice for both novice and experienced smokers alike.

With medium height and light green foliage, Pink Alien Kush plants yield sticky, dense buds adorned with orange hairs and glistening crystals, offering a pleasing visual appeal. Its active buzz gradually evolves into a soothing body high, effectively alleviating stress and pain, while its piney aroma is complemented by a subtle spiciness akin to tea, enhancing the overall sensory experience. Rated AAA++ and featuring a semi-fluffy texture with a perfect cure, Pink Alien OG exhibits flavors ranging from citrus and berry to diesel, earthy, floral, and sweet, making it a versatile option for medical use, including anxiety, ADD, insomnia, depression, nausea, pain, and stress relief, with a THC content ranging between 22% to 28% and CBD levels exceeding 1%.


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Pink Alien OG-Indica
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