Pink Bubba *Indica*

There are many varieties of marijuana, but Pink Bubba is very popular in the United States. This strain was created by crossing indica and sativa (in other words, it has two different genetics). It is known for being good at fighting stress, depression, pain, nausea, and insomnia. If you want to get relief from any of these symptoms without being too sleepy or anxious, this might be the right choice!

Strain: Pink Bubba is an indica-Sativa hybrid.

Type: with a predominance of indica (60%) with an admixture of Sativa (40%)

Aroma: Pine, earthy notes paired with grapefruit or orange are the most common scent you’ll notice in this marijuana strain. A little spice can often be seen as well, as well as some woody undertones.

Effects: This weed will give users a full-body high that is great for getting rid of pain without too much sedation. It is known to help people who have problems such as chronic migraines, anxiety disorders, inflammation, and insomnia, among many other things, by providing relief.

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