Pink Panther – Indica

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Pink Panther, a sativa-dominant hybrid, is renowned for its uplifting and euphoric effects, offering users a boost in creativity and mental clarity. With its genetic composition consisting of 85% sativa and 15% indica, this strain delivers a potent psychoactive experience while maintaining a light and airy vibe. Boasting THC levels ranging from 22% to 24% and a CBD content of around 0.46%, Pink Panther provides a robust potency alongside its delightful aroma characterized by sweet pine and pear scents.

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Pink Panther is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain renowned for its energizing and euphoric effects, leaving users feeling creatively inspired and blissfully clear-headed. Comprising 85% sativa and 15% indica genetics, this strain delivers a potent psychoactive experience while maintaining an airy and uplifting vibe. With THC levels ranging from 22% to 24% and a CBD content of approximately 0.46%, Pink Panther boasts a robust potency that ensures a strong and long-lasting high. Its appearance is characterized by light green leaves adorned with brown hairs, exuding a delightful aroma reminiscent of sweet pine and pear scents. When consumed, Pink Panther offers a pleasant taste profile featuring earthy and sweet flavors, including hints of pine and pear, further enhancing the overall experience.

The pungent aroma of Pink Panther swiftly envelops the senses, inducing a powerful buzz throughout the body, making it an ideal choice for alleviating anxiety, stress, and depression symptoms. Additionally, this versatile strain is effective in soothing irritability and providing relief from migraines, chronic pain, and nausea. Whether seeking creative inspiration or simply looking to unwind and relax, Pink Panther offers a comprehensive range of effects that cater to a diverse array of therapeutic needs. With its delectable flavors, potent effects, and medicinal benefits, Pink Panther stands as a highly desirable strain among cannabis enthusiasts seeking a balanced and enjoyable experience.


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Pink Panther – Indica
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