Pink Rozay – AAA – $130/Oz

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid
THC: 22% | CBD: 1.3%
Parents: Lemonchello 10 x LPC75
Aroma: Sweet | Fruity | Berries | Floral | Citrus | Earthiness
Flavour: Sweet berries | Floral | Earthy

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Aroma and Flavour
Pink Rozay buds are a visual delight, with dense nugs showcasing vibrant greens and delicate pink pistils. Trichomes cover the surface, creating a glistening appearance. When the jar is opened, a sweet and fruity aroma fills the air, reminiscent of freshly picked berries with hints of floral undertones. Subtle notes of citrus and earthiness add depth to the olfactory experience. The flavour profile is equally delightful, starting with sweet berries and transitioning into floral and earthy notes with a subtle spiciness.

The effects of Pink Rozay are well-balanced, inducing euphoria and relaxation. It inspires creative thoughts while promoting physical tranquility, making it suitable for social activities or creative pursuits.

Medical Use
Pink Rozay offers potential therapeutic benefits for stress, anxiety, mild to moderate pain relief, and mood enhancement.

From Staff
Pink Rozay embodies beauty, aroma, flavour, and effects in harmony. Its captivating appearance and well-rounded effects have captured the admiration of cannabis enthusiasts seeking relaxation or sensory adventure.

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