Pink Santana-Indica

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Pink Santana, bred by, boasts dense buds with a citrusy, peppery flavor profile and a fast-hitting, energetic high, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an anxiety-relieving and mood-lifting experience. This hybrid strain, a cross of Pre2014 Sno Cap and Blood Bath pheno, offers a unique blend of sativa dominance and clear-headed effects, perfect for enhancing focus and creativity. With its origins traced back to Ken Estes’ vintage stock genetics, Pink Santana promises authenticity and potency, embodying the essence of old-school cannabis breeding techniques.

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Pink Santana, bred by, is a hybrid strain characterized by its medium stature and branches ideal for Scrog/LST techniques, promising generous harvests of dense, weighty buds in just 63 days of flowering. This new age exotic hybrid leans towards the sativa side and offers a taste profile of citrus and sour notes with a peppery core and minty palate, while its scent features hints of citrus zest, earthy pepper, creamy cocoa, and a lemony whisper with mint accents. With its fast-hitting onset and energetic, clear high, Pink Santana is praised for its ability to alleviate anxiety, sharpen focus, and uplift mood.

Pink $atan is a special strain developed by PSGX by crossing two unique varieties: the Pre2014 Sno Cap pheno and the Blood Bath pheno select reversed. This resulted in a strain with distinct lineage and outstanding qualities. The Sno Cap pheno, known for its pink hairs and strong jack-like aroma, was meticulously selected and confirmed by Ken Estes himself to ensure it stays true to its original genetics. To enhance its nostalgic charm and heritage, throwback stock selections were also made with Pre2014 Cocoa OG and Pre2014 Larry Berry.

These original genetics, sourced directly from Ken Estes before the widespread availability of Attitude seed bank drops, highlight Pink $atan’s authenticity and pedigree, with rigorous selection and verification processes ensuring the preservation of its heritage and the integrity of its lineage for over a decade.


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Pink Santana-Indica
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