Platinum Kush Breath – AAAA+

Strain:  Indica
THC 30.00%  CBD 1%
Parents: Afghani Kush x OG Kush
Aroma: Fruits/Earth/Skunk
Flavour: Sweet

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Platinum Kush Breath is a strong indica marijuana strain, a cross between Afghani and OG Kush. The buds are covered in a thick blanket of vibrant trichomes, dense with hues of purple and orange.

Aroma and Flavour
Platinum Kush Breath has a sweet, pungent smell reminiscent of fruit and a sweet, earthy taste.

The sedating high from this Indica Dominant Hybrid is perfect for anxiety-free relaxation. It’s mind-numbing and sure to induce couch lock. It’s also known to help alleviate insomnia.

Medical Use
With its decent CBD level, Platinum Kush Breath is used to treat seizures, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and other conditions. The combination of THC and CBD make it suitable for various medical needs.

From Staff
Platinum Kush Breath is a very pretty bud covered in white kief with a sweet earthy smell until broken in the grinder when it releases a strong skunky odor.

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