Purple Banana Breath

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Purple Banana Breath is a rare phenotype derived from regular Banana Breath and delivers a tropical hit that’ll invigorate, relax and sedate all at once with the THC level above average and a banana-inspired terpene profile, this strain is an instant classic.

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Purple Banana Breath Strain Information

Introducing the rare and powerful Purple Banana Breath strain! A phenotype of the already popular Banana Breath strain, this rare cultivar is a cross between Mendo Breath and Banana OG. With a heavy indica punch, Purple Banana Breath offers tokers an incredible potency and a delicious tropical flavour that combines freshly sliced bananas, citrus and island musk together all in one package. Don’t miss out on this strain!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Purple Banana Breath has an indica-influenced bud structure that’s oblong and stout. The buds are dense and won’t give way easily when squeezed together. On top of that, this strain also has some light purple colouration to its leaves and a splattering of cream-coloured trichomes. When it comes to aroma, this strain packs a punch with its tropically inspired terpene profile that’s difficult to find anywhere else. On the nose, users can expect aromas of freshly sliced bananas, sweet berries, hints of forest pine and citrus and a sweet yet musky finish.

As for effects, Purple Banana Breath delivers a state of absolute euphoria. On the first inhale, a slight pressure will build in the head that’ll relax and calm its users. As the high progresses, these waves of euphoria and calm will transition to the rest of the body, serving to relax the muscles and nerves. With its relaxing, sedative effects, medical users will be pleased to discover that this strain is ideal for both day and nighttime use. The body high is perfect for getting rid of insomnia while the cerebral effects are ideal for relieving anxiety and stress.

Purple Banana Breath Medical Benefits

Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety


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Purple Banana Breath

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