Race Fuel OG

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TheRace Fuel OG strain(akaRace Fuel) by Archive Seeds is a potenthybridsteeped in gassy, earthy genetics. Created from the “High Octane” OG phenotype of OG Kush x Face Off OG,Race Fuel OGharnesses the intense diesel fuel aroma of “High Octane” while incorporating the deep body effects as well as citrus and pine aromas fromFace Off OG.

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Race Fuel OG Strain Information

Race Fuel OG by Archive Seeds is an incredibly potent hybrid strain created from the “High Octane” OG phenotype of OG Kush x Face Off OG. This strain brings together the intense diesel fuel aroma of “High Octane” and the deep body effects, citrus and pine aromas from Face Off OG, all supported by the mid-range potency of OG Kush. Race Fuel’s effects provide an energizing rush to the head that settles into a cozy and weighted stone, making it ideal for soothing anxiety, ADD, minor pain, and a lack of appetite.

Up to 18-22% THC

Flavours:  Spicy, Herbal, Citrus, Pungent

Effects: Energetic, Euphoric, Hungry, Relaxed, Tingly

Medical Uses: Pain, Stress, Cramps, Depression, Fatigue


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Race Fuel OG

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