RAW Classic Original Filter Tips – 50ct

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RAW Classic Original Tips
– Length: 2.25″
– Unprocessed, unrefined long fiber paper
– 50 Tips per pack
– Made from dense natural paper
– 100% chlorine free. Chemical free.
– 50 units per box.
– Raw products are a crowd pleaser for their naturally unrefined long fibers.

Introducing the RAW Classic Original Tips, a must-have accessory for any discerning smoker. Each box contains 50 units, with each unit containing 50 tips made from pure and less processed long fiber paper. Crafted with dense natural paper, these tips maintain their shape and do not get soggy or dissolve during use. With a commitment to being chlorine and chemical-free, RAW delivers an unparalleled smoking experience that is both environmentally friendly and unrivaled in quality.

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RAW Classic Original Filter Tips – 50ct

Out of stock

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