Red Congolese

Red Congolese is a pure sativa strain with a mysterious lineage that is quite-often the topic of debate among connoisseurs. Many hypothesize that it descends from an African sativa landrace strain, while others believe it was bred as a cross between Mexican and Afghani parents. The Red Congolese that has exploded in popularity across Canada has become recognized as a powerhouse sativa, known for its’ energetic and cerebral high, as well as its’ bright, refreshing citrus aroma.

LINEAGE Landrace Mix
EFFECTS Happy, Cerebral, Uplifted, Relaxed & Energetic
TERPENE PROFILE Citrus, Sweet, Lemon, Pine & Earthy
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Red Congolese

If you’re looking for an award-winning strain that packs a powerful punch, Red Congolese is the one for you. A pure sativa strain, Red Congolese comes from the crossing of Congolese, Mexican Sativa and Afghani landrace strains, creating a unique aroma of cheese, fruits, and spices – like an all-in-one charcuterie board. Red Congolese won third place in the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013, and has since become a popular favourite for its euphoric and blissful effects. This strain is ideal for sharing with friends, relieving stress, or for a boost of energy to get through the day. Enjoy the cheese-like aroma and blissful effects of Red Congolese!

Effects of Red Congolese

Red Congolese is a great strain for wake n’ bakes due to its energizing effects. The high is almost instantaneous upon smoking, offering a sense of focus and a mood uplifting euphoria that can melt away stress and worries. There are mild physical effects too, providing some body relaxation and relief from minor aches. Medical users can use Red Congolese to treat issues such as stress, anxiety, and fatigue. Recreational users can also enjoy this strain for its social effects, as many users report a sense of arousal that is perfect for sharing with friends or partners. Enjoy the energizing and uplifting effects of Red Congolese!

THC Content

Red Congolese has an average of 18%-22% THC. Its genetics come from 70%:30% sativa-dominant Mexican Sativa and nearly pure indica Afghani landraces. Red Congolese is so popular that it has been used to produce further strains like Red Lemon Congo, a sativa-dominant hybrid that can reach 28% THC potency, created by interbreeding with the

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