Royal Chemdawg – AA+ – $70/Oz

Strain: 60% Indica | 40% Sativa
THC: 24%
Parents: Chemdawg 91 x Deadhead OG
Aroma: Skunky | lemon | lime | Diesel
Flavour: Skunky pungent diesel | Sweet and sour lemon lime

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Much like a Hollywood power couple, Royal Chemdawg is the magical result of crossing two incredible strains. Bred in Washington State, this bud is the offspring of Deadhead OG and Chemdawg 91. With a slightly indica-dominant nature, it offers deep relaxation with ease.

Aroma and Flavour
Royal Chemdawg boasts an average THC content of around 21%, reaching as high as 25% in some cases. The buds are visually stunning with a deep green color accented by purple undertones and bright orange pistils. Abundant resin signals a potent experience, while its bold flavor profile combines diesel, skunk, and lemon-lime.

Contrary to other hybrids, Royal Chemdawg’s indica attributes kick in instantly, inducing relaxation and readiness for sleep. Its sedating effects are complemented by a happy attitude that may inspire creativity without added energy. Additionally, this strain is known to stimulate appetite.

Medical Use
Widely favored among medical marijuana users for its fast-acting and powerful effects, Royal Chemdawg provides soothing relief for various conditions. Its euphoric nature can offer respite to those dealing with chronic stress or depression, while also providing relief from physical ailments such as inflammation and headaches.

From Staff
Crafted for seasoned smokers seeking complete relaxation at the end of a long day, Royal Chemdawg lives up to its regal name with its robust flavors and effects. It’s recommended to try this strain on a relaxed evening when there are no pressing engagements – you might find yourself peacefully asleep sooner than expected.

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