Russian Rocket Fuel by Short Stuff Seedbank

Russian Rocket Fuel also known as RRF is an intense gas and diesel-scented strain that offers users a debilitatingly powerful high and evenly-balanced effects. Unlike its’ name may suggest, this indica-dominant hybrid originates from Spain as a cross between an unknown strain and NYC Diesel, giving it a characteristic fruitiness and a fuel-like aroma that packs a heavy punch. On average, Russian Rocket Fuel boasts tremendously impressiveTHClevels that can range between 21-25%. Contrary to the effects of manypure indica strains, this exotic hybrid is known for its’ fast-acting high that begins with a cerebral rush that uplifts and enlightens the mind. RRF also exhibits effects of a psychedelic nature, with many users reporting sensory distortion similar to that of magic mushrooms. The heavy gas notes of Russian Rocket Fuel are inherited from its’ NYC Diesel parentage, while a rich, earthy creaminess provides another layer to the strains’ intense terpene profile.

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Russian Rocket Fuel by Short Stuff Seedbank

Experience the power of Soviet rocketry with Russian Rocket Fuel, a unique strain created by Short Stuff Seedbank in Spain! This indica hybrid is a cross between two potent parent strains: NYC Diesel and White Russian. With up to 25% THC potency, the effects of this gassy strain can be as powerful as its name suggests. Enjoy its delicious flavours of gas and fruit that will make you feel like you’re soaring through the sky!


Russian Rocket Fuel’s effects start off with a head high that will make you feel like you’ve been launched into orbit! You’ll experience a creative and energetic high that is backed by a sensory distortion that can be quite psychedelic in nature. As the high progresses, you’ll sink into a tranquilizing body stone that will bring you a deep sense of euphoria and relaxation. This makes the strain ideal for medical users to treat chronic pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, and depression, as well as for evening usage and insomnia.

THC Content

Russian Rocket Fuel’s THC levels usually range between 21% to 25%, and the strain is an 85% indica to 15% sativa hybrid. Its parent strains, NYC Diesel and White Russian, have THC levels that average between 18% to 21% and 19% to 25% respectively.

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