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Shishkaberry offers the best of both worlds! Its uplifting, happy cerebral head rush makes you feel social and at ease. But when its indica side takes over, prepare for relaxation like never before. If you’re looking for a strain that does it all, look no further than Shishkaberry!

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Shishkaberry Strain Information

Introducing Shishkaberry – an upbeat and mysterious indica-dominant hybrid! It has been renowned for its intense flavour and potent high, which earned it the second-best indica at the 2001 High Times Cannabis Cup.

This 80/20 indica to sativa strain is a cross between DJ Short Blueberry and an unknown Afghani strain. Its trichome-covered buds have a playful shade of purple and a sweet berry aroma. Its flavour will have you guessing with its blend of sweet fruit, earthy and herbal notes.

When it comes to effects, Shishkaberry is a unique experience! It starts with an uplifting head high that will have you feeling social and focused. That will soon change as the indica effects take over and you become one with your couch!

The THC levels of Shishkaberry can reach up to 26%, making it a popular strain in the medical community. It can help alleviate insomnia, pain, migraines, nausea, stress, depression and anxiety.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

When it comes to appearance, Shishkaberry has some serious bag appeal! Its nugs are long and dense with a playful shade of purple. You’ll have to make sure you have a weed grinder for this one because the trichome count is out of this world!

Its buds look like they’ve been dipped in a cup of icing sugar. But, of course, it only adds to their popular appeal!

If the gleaming buds don’t catch your eye, the Shishkaberry smell is sure to catch your nose! Without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the best smelling strains on the market. It has a potent yet pungent berry smell with slightly earthy undertones.

These enticing aromas translate directly into this strain’s flavour. Users will pick up

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