Sour Cookies

Sour Cookies is a delectablesativa-dominant hybrid strainthat was originally conceived as a cross betweenGirl Scout Cookiesand the notoriousSour Diesel. This hybrid is widely recognized for it’s cerebral effects and uplifting high.
PLEASE NOTE:This batch of Sour Cookies is old. The age, colour, and overall quality of this ounce special is reflected in the current sale price. Best used for edibles, extracts or tinctures.

Bud Size Medium – Large
Grade AAA+
Lineage Girl Scout Cookies x Sour Diesel
Effects Euphoric, Cerebral, Relaxed, Happy & Creative
Phenotype Sativa-dominant Hybrid
Terpene Profile Sweet, Earthy & Pungent
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Sour Cookies

Are you ready to try a unique twist on the classic cookie? Sour Cookies is a celebrity strain, a cross between the legendary Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It’s a sativa dominant hybrid, with THC levels tested to reach up to 28%. The aroma and flavor is a strange yet well-balanced mix of its parents, with pungent sourness complementing the sweet and nutty cookie notes.


Sour Cookies can be a bit of a creeper, so it’s important to be aware of how much you’re consuming. In small doses, this strain will have mostly sativa effects, while larger doses will bring a blend of sativa and indica. You can expect a cerebral uplift that will have you feeling all kinds of happy and sociable. It’s also surprisingly introspective, and often used to fight fatigue and stress. In larger doses, it can bring on couch lock and be used for pain relief and as an antidepressant.

THC Content

Sour Cookies typically measures between 15-17% THC on average, though it can reach up to 28%. Its parent, Sour Diesel, has an average of 26% THC, 1% CBD and 1% CBN. The other parent, GSC, is an indica leaning hybrid with an average of 28% THC, 1% CBD and 1% CBN.

Appearance & Aroma

The nugs of Sour Cookies are long and thin, with a foresty green shade and sparse amber pistils. Its crystal trichomes are

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