Super Glue

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Perfect for binge watching shows, Super Glue will have you sitting back and relaxing on your couch or bed. This frosty strain holds a potent body high that is also mind opening with a delicious taste!

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Super Glue Strain Information

Super Glue is an indica-dominant hybrid created by the perfect mix of Skunk and Northern Lights strains. When you open a jar of this sticky cannabis, you’ll smell a mixture of earthy tones combined with citrus and a sharp spiciness. With high THC levels, Super Glue can quickly sedate you – so take notice of your dose!


The spade-shaped buds of Super Glue carry an intense sour-sweet and skunky aroma. It’s almost like a combination of sweet lemons and sticky caramel mixed with rough, piney notes and a sharp pungency. Crushing the buds will unleash a sandalwood and spice scent that’s signature to its Afghani parent strain.


Super Glue has a smoke that’s skunky and gas-like, with a spicy sensation that hits the back of the throat. On the exhale, a woodsy and earthy flavour coats the mouth like fresh forest air after a good rain. Its potent aroma makes it difficult to smoke discreetly.


These thick blossoms create huge buds that taper down from a broad base to a pointy tip. The sage green and orange pistils are intertwined in a thick, solid cluster. These buds are covered in sticky white trichomes, indicating its potency and making it impossible to break apart without a grinder!

Super Glue Effects

True to its name, Super Glue induces a deep physical relaxation that might trap you in a couch lock! It’s a great Indica strain

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Super Glue

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