Super Skunk

Super Skunk is a heavy-hitting strain that can vary from being pure indica to an indica-dominant hybrid. Blessed with a profoundly pungent and robust aroma, Super Skunk was bred by Sensi Seeds as a back-cross between the classic Skunk #1 and landrace Afghani genetics.

LINEAGE Afghan Landrace x Skunk #1
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Creative & Euphoric
CLASSIFICATION Indica-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Skunk, Woody, Earthy & Diesel
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Super Skunk

Created by the professional breeders at Sensi Seeds, Super Skunk is a wildly potent indica-dominant hybrid! This strain is the result of a breeding project aiming to perfect the parent Skunk #1 and its phenotype, Shiva Skunk, by crossing it with the highly sought-after Afghani indicas. Boasting an above-average THC count, a smooth smoke, and a range of medical benefits including blissful euphoria and potent pain relief, Super Skunk is great for medicinal users of cannabis and indica lovers of all types!

Effects of Super Skunk

Super Skunk offers an incredible, powerful body high that can help alleviate a variety of physical symptoms. Its dominant indica genetics make it an effective agent for relieving temporary or chronic muscle aches, soreness, migraines, headaches and cramps. On the mental side, the uplifting euphoria can be quite spacey and is great for recreational use, as well as being highly beneficial for those suffering from mood disorders or symptoms such as stress, PTSD, depression and anxiety. Super Skunk can also be used to help battle insomnia, and is known to give users a case of the munchies – perfect for those with a decreased appetite!

THC Content

Super Skunk is an indica-dominant hybrid with a ratio of 65% indica to 35% sativa and averages at 19% THC, plus it contains 1% CBD and 1% CBN. Its predecessor,

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