THC Bomb

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THC Bombis ahybridstrain with THC levels that lean towards the higher end of the scale. This bomb of a strain will blow up quickly after consuming, leaving you with a heavy euphoric high that goes straight to your head.

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THC Bomb

This bomb of a strain packs a hefty punch – with up to 24-26% THC, you’ll be blasted with a heavy euphoric high that’ll get your head spinning. But don’t worry, the high will be accompanied by a rush of energy that’ll keep you motivated. As the high wears on, you’ll be eased into a feeling of relaxation that can combat pain. Smoke too much and you may find yourself couch-locked! With a flavour profile of fruity, herbal and pungent, THC Bomb is the perfect strain for those looking to relax and enjoy a little creative energy. It’s also great for medical purposes, helping to combat pain, anxiety, stress, nausea, and depression. So why wait? Get your hands on THC Bomb and get ready for a blast!



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THC Bomb

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